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Mortgage: the key to solving the housing issue -

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Contact Atlanta agents and determine if my documents are suitable for any program. Or consult with a lawyer/internet applications.


Submit an application through the Дія app.


Accept the bank's offer and determine the loan amount that the bank will approve.


Choose a property in Atlanta with over 1500 real estate objects for government mortgage programs! Depending on the credit program, our specialists will offer you a property that is suitable for financing.


Advance payment for the property, appraisal arrangement, and property approval at the bank.


Signing an agreement at a notary's office. Receiving the loan funds and settling with the seller.

Mortgage: the key to solving the housing issue

Atlanta Real Estate Agents are not just professional realtors. They are also trained lawyers who can assist at any stage! Legal assistance is free!

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Customer Reviews



The sale of the apartment was planned a month before the signing of the sales contract, and throughout that month, we stayed in touch. The service was of a high level! On the day of signing the documents, Natalia Zhirova gave us a gift, which was very pleasant. The work was done quickly, efficiently, professionally, and with quality! We are very grateful to Natalia and Ashot! We recommend the Atlanta Agency!



Thank you! A real professional who can be recommended. This is not my first purchase/sale, but for the first time, I understood what I was paying the realtor for. Aliona really changed my attitude towards realtors. And if the need arises for a purchase/sale, I will only turn to her.



I have never bought an apartment so quickly!!! Thanks to Aliona and her professionalism, the process was fast and smooth. She always provides clear and timely information! She doesn't spare her time (we met on a Sunday) and effort to satisfy the needs of both the buyer and the seller! Thank you!



I am very grateful to Aliona for her help in choosing housing and arranging the purchase. Aliona is a great specialist! She understands all the nuances of the program very well, explains everything clearly, and helps with the paperwork. It's really enjoyable to work with such a realtor :) Now I know exactly who I will recommend to all my friends ;)



I found Aliona by chance through an ad for an apartment that interested me. I immediately liked her professional approach! She came to show the apartment on a Sunday, and we called her on Sunday morning. Then, we needed to sell our apartment and buy a new one with a mortgage. Everything was easy, professional, and reliable! My perception of realtors has changed dramatically) I wholeheartedly recommend Aliona to everyone!



Imagine a realtor who simply enjoys their work, loves clients, and tries to conduct every deal so that all parties have a positive experience. Now imagine that this realtor is fast, proactive, understands all the necessary details, keeps you informed about every step, can find a buyer for your property in a few days, helps with all the paperwork... If you think that such realtors do not exist, then you simply haven't met Aliona Chumachenko. I would like to thank her separately for convincing me to use the Oselia program, which accelerated the search for a buyer, and the procedure itself is not as complicated as I initially thought.



Thanks to Natalia, I sold my apartment in a new building. The deal went very well and was convenient for both me and the buyers. Any questions that arose before the deal were immediately explained and resolved. They helped us communicate with the buyer and built the right relationship between us. The deal itself went wonderfully. I recommend Natalia as a responsible and communicative professional. Overall, I am very satisfied with the agency's work!



From the Atlanta agency, only positive impressions: they helped to sell the apartment professionally and quickly. Natalia Zhirova helped sell the apartment just a week after signing the contract with the agency. She is a true high-level specialist and a very pleasant person to deal with. Thanks to her professionalism, the sales deal went quickly and smoothly. Highly recommend working with her!



Many thanks to Natalia for the effective cooperation in selling the apartment. Everything happened promptly, with quality, professionally, and in the shortest possible time. All our interests as a property seller and the conditions of the apartment sale were agreed upon and fulfilled in advance. We are completely satisfied with the work of the Atlanta agency; they supported and advised us at all stages of the deal. We will recommend to our friends and acquaintances and continue to cooperate with the agency in the future.