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Sale of commercial real estate in Odessa: variety of offers

Commercial real estate consists of separate buildings or premises that do not belong to residential property. They are initially purchased for profit-making purposes, such as setting up an office, conducting business, or leasing out. The sale of commercial real estate in Odessa is essential for both starting and expanding entrepreneurs.

Such properties are used for shopping centers or supermarkets, office spaces, hostels, and hotels. Those interested in purchasing commercial real estate will find Odessa suitable, as it is a developed city by the sea. Available options include properties in Prymorsky, Malynovsky, Kyivsky, and other districts of the city, with or without renovation.

Sale of commercial real estate in Odessa: variety of offers

These properties are purchased for various purposes, so they vary by class. Many owners opt for small offices or spacious areas for their businesses. Furnished properties can be used for:

  • retail;
  • providing services—such as notary office, beauty salon, medical center;
  • leasing to tourists or other business representatives.

For those looking to buy commercial real estate, Odessa offers plenty of opportunities. All areas of the city are well populated and developed, so there will be enough visitors and buyers in any of them. You can purchase a functioning office with all amenities or renovate such a space from scratch.

Buying commercial real estate in Odessa: what to choose

Before purchasing a particular property, it is necessary to determine its intended use. This will determine the requirements for location, area, and conditions. For example, a toy store is better placed near residential areas where many families with children live.

If you need to buy commercial real estate, Odessa provides many opportunities for leasing to tourists as well. Among tourists, properties in the city center, near the sea, close to historical landmarks, supermarkets, and markets are in demand. When choosing a space from the available assortment, pay attention to criteria such as:

  • location—there is no need to buy property only in the city center; it is enough to be closer to residential complexes;
  • total area, layout, ceiling height;
  • competition in the chosen industry—it is better to select places where there are no other properties operating in the same business sphere to attract customers;
  • purpose—you can find premises in the catalog previously used for selling specific goods or leasing to tourists, with all necessary amenities;
  • convenience of access for customers—availability of parking zones nearby, public transport stops.

The total and useful area, proximity to the sea, city center, and territory features (office only or with a plot) are important.

Buying commercial real estate in Odessa with "Atlanta" agency

Once you have determined the functions and tasks the property will perform, contact our realtors. For those looking to buy commercial real estate in Odessa, our website offers many options in various city districts. Prices vary depending on location, area, condition, but a suitable option can always be found.