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Real estate can be called one of the basic human needs. On Maslow's pyramid, it provides, first of all, comfort and stability of living conditions. But its role can be considered in all other levels of modern man's needs. These are physiological, social, prestige and even spiritual needs. Everyone needs real estate. Especially real estate in Odessa — a legendary city by the sea. Someone was lucky enough to be born in it and he wants to solve his apartment issue, while someone wants to become an Odessan by place of residence. Many also consider housing in Odessa as a profitable investment. And everyone wants to quickly and profitably find a solution to an urgent problem, make the right choice.

There is such a profession - a good realtor

Due to the specificity of this product, there is a large layer of knowledge and skills that are difficult for an ordinary person to master in a short period of time in order to successfully sell or buy an apartment, to find a suitable house and to understand all the documents. Therefore, it is not by chance that real estate became the reason for the emergence of a special profession - a realtor. This is the central figure of the real estate agency. Personnel decides everything, and the success and reputation of the company depends in many respects on the realtor. Therefore, Real Estate Agency "Atlanta" carefully approaches the issue of personnel. The agency conducts:

  • Careful selection of employees;
  • Monitoring compliance with company standards when working with clients;
  • Professional training and systematic professional development of real estate specialists.

A realtor of the "Atlanta" real estate agency is a good salesperson, psychologist, advertiser, marketer and lawyer. He knows what to look for and where to look. The realtor saves his clients time and money. Achieving a positive result quickly is also ensured by the specialization of realtors.

- By location. Many realtors of the "Atlanta" real estate agency have many years of experience in certain areas of the city and know literally every house in their area of responsibility.

- By type of real estate. Specialists in new buildings have information about developers, are perfectly oriented to the area, know the pros and cons of each new object in the city and beyond. Country real estate, houses and plots are the predominant specialization of another category of realtors. Realtors who work with commercial real estate know all the nuances of finding, renting, buying and selling premises for shops, offices, hair salons, production shops, garages, etc.

- At the client's request. Employees of the "Atlanta" real estate agency, working with rent, thanks to the developed database and their skills, in the shortest possible time find housing in Odesa daily, long-term, summer, autumn, winter and spring. p>

Real estate agency: complex of professional services

A modern real estate agency is a large branched company, not just a community of realtors. A successful real estate agency includes other specialists who are ready to help at any moment, and also ensure the efficiency of its work. Thanks to the coordinated work of this team, any client can much faster buy/sell or an apartment in Odessa, house, land plot or any commercial real estate. Lawyers provide legal support at all stages of working with the client. Information technology specialists maintain large databases, teach how to work with them, which ultimately helps the realtor and the client to select the most promising and profitable among thousands of offers. The security service protects the client from unwanted events related to the purchase and sale of real estate.

What will be provided by specialists of real estate agency "Atlanta"

To the seller:

  • Evaluation and formation of a competitive price;
  • Highlighting the hidden advantages of the object of sale;
  • Advice on pre-sale preparation of the object. Both purely visual and legal;
  • Consultations on negotiations with a potential buyer;
  • Advertisement of the facility on the Internet and print media;
  • Security of the agreement.

To the buyer:

  • Search for the optimal object among all possible ones thanks to a synchronous database with other real estate agencies;
  • Consultation on object selection;
  • Filtering of fake ads that lure with their imaginary attractiveness;
  • When buying new buildings in Odessa - prices from developers;
  • Support in the negotiation process;
  • Document verification, fraud protection;
  • Safety of operation.

We guarantee transparency, free consultations, fixed commissions.

Secret of success of real estate agency "Atlanta"

Our main priority is protecting the client's interests. This is evidenced by the long history of the company, its image and authority among the residents of Odessa. We don't just help you quickly buy or sell real estate in Odesa and the region. We do it so that a person receives the maximum benefit with the minimum expenditure of resources. And moreover, I was really satisfied with the result. That is why we are leaders. That is why we are recommended, that is why they turn to us again and again.

Atlanta Real Estate Agency: Your Partner in the World of Real Estate

Why Atlanta?

Here are several key reasons why we, Atlanta Real Estate Agency Odessa, are your ideal partner for real estate transactions:

  • Professionalism and Experience: Our agents are real experts in the field of real estate with impressive experience in various types of transactions. They know the real estate market in Ukraine inside and out and are ready to share their expertise with you.
  • Wide Range of Properties: Whether you are looking for an apartment, a house, commercial real estate, or a piece of land, we offer diverse options for your choice. Our website is constantly updated with new properties to satisfy all client needs.
  • Personalized Approach: Each client is unique to us, and we strive to understand your needs and goals as best as possible to offer the best solutions.
  • Transparency and Honesty: We genuinely value long-term relationships with our clients and always operate according to principles of honesty and transparency. Rest assured that the information we provide is completely reliable.
  • Availability of a Bonus System: Atlanta Real Estate Agency offers a unique proposition - up to a 100% discount for every client who concludes a deal with us, provided by our partners. Our partners include a legal firm, a security company, a repair company, and others operating in Odessa. You can learn more about the bonus system by visiting the "Atlanta Bonus" page or by contacting us.
  • Convenience and Efficiency: We value your time and effort and strive to make the real estate transaction process as convenient and efficient as possible.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, our company can also boast impressive results over its 22 years of operation:

Offices in Ukraine: More than 30
Employees: Over 600 people
Satisfied Clients: More than 50,000

Our Services

  • Buying, selling, and renting real estate;
  • Consultations on real estate investments;
  • Legal support and assistance with document processing;
  • Real estate appraisal;
  • Property management, and much more.

Atlanta Real Estate Agency is ready to provide you with services for any type of real estate transaction request. Contact us right now, and together we will make the real estate transaction process easy and successful.