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Buying an Apartment in a New Building in Odessa: Tips from "Atlanta" Agency

Deciding to buy an apartment in a new building in Odessa is the first step towards acquiring your own housing. To make the purchase successful, profitable, and safe, it is worth turning to the "Atlanta" real estate agency. Experienced realtors will help study the new construction market and offer optimal options, leaving the choice to you.

You can search for housing on your own, but it will take a lot of time and significantly increase the risks. It's best to buy property through an agency where all the offers are verified and there is complete data on new buildings in Odessa.

Parameters for Choosing an Apartment in a New Building

When searching for and choosing real estate in Odessa, many factors become important. What criteria do buyers focus on:

  • price - this parameter depends on the location, area, and stage of construction;
  • district - preference is given to a location comfortable for oneself;
  • completed building or still under construction;
  • layout and number of rooms;
  • infrastructure in the location of the residential complex;
  • area near the building: availability of parking, security, and more.

Buying new buildings in Odessa during the construction phase will be much cheaper than buying apartments in Odessa in already commissioned buildings, and even with repairs.

Which District to Buy an Apartment In

For native Odessites, it is easier to determine the district of the city. Difficulties may arise for newcomers. Before buying new construction in Odessa, let's understand the location of the property.

Suvorovsky District

In this location, housing prices are the lowest. This is due to the distance from the city center. The area is densely populated, its infrastructure is designed for families with children. There are numerous markets, supermarkets, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, kindergartens, and sports sections.

Kyivsky District

Comfortable for living and located closer to the center. Convenient to get to the center of Odessa by own transport. Pros - close to the sea, a huge selection of housing, excellent infrastructure. The price per square meter here is slightly higher.

Primorsky District

Here are the best living conditions. This includes walking distance to the sea, the bright architecture of Odessa, and multi-story buildings of a new type, park areas, and beaches. Cultural and social life is in full swing here. Most of the city's landmarks are concentrated in the Primorsky District. The downsides of buying property are high prices, both in new buildings and on the secondary market, and expensive stores.

Malinovsky District

Residents can easily reach Arcadia and Langeron. The price of real estate is slightly higher than in Suvorovsky but lower than in the center. Good infrastructure, but few park and walking areas.

Apartments in new buildings without repairs can be a budget option. Such a purchase will be a profitable investment: in the future, you can rent out the living space and receive passive income.