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House Sales in Berezivsky District

The Berezivsky District is located in the eastern part of the Odessa region on the Black Sea Lowland. It is one of the oldest territories in the region covering an area of 163.7 hectares. Among those looking for housing, most aim to buy a house in Berezivka of the Odessa region, which is its administrative center.

The district borders the Nikolaevsky, Shiryayevsky, Ivanovsky, and Kominternovsky districts. The distance to Odessa is 75 km, which can be reached by car or bus. The eastern part of the region borders the Nikolaev region, where the Tiligulsky Estuary is located.

Buying a House in Berezivsky District: Region Features

This place is characterized by a favorable location—on a plain, gently sloping towards the south. Here, there is a mild, moderately continental climate, no urban hustle and bustle, or the usual noise of a metropolis. Buying a house in Berezivsky district is offered in such settlements:

  1. Kobleve.
  2. Ivanivka.
  3. Rybakivka.
  4. Marinovo.
  5. Raukhovka.

The market is in high demand for housing in Kobleve—a popular resort on the Black Sea coast. It is profitable to buy property here not only for permanent residence and recreation but also for commercial purposes. Buying property here is profitable because in summer it can be rented out to vacationers at a good price.

Ivanivka is a settlement located on the Bolshoy Kuyalnik River, also a popular place for recreation. Those who want to buy a house in the Berezivsky district will also be interested in options in Rybakivka, Marinovo, and Raukhovka. Offers here are cheaper than in Kobleve and other settlements closer to Odessa.

Buying a House in Berezivsky District: What to Choose

Before making a decision to buy, it is necessary to consider such criteria:

  • Location—if you want to rent out the house for passive income or have property for recreation, it is worth giving preference to offers in Kobleve;
  • Number of rooms—depends on how many people will permanently live on the property;
  • Site planning—not only the location of the main building is implied, but also the garage, recreation areas, outbuildings;
  • Condition—those wishing to buy a dacha in the Berezivsky district are offered options after renovation or for finishing; the conditions of the surrounding area are also important—whether it is landscaped or not;
  • Purpose—among the offers, there are both residential and commercial real estate, for example, for a cafe, hotel.

The catalog offers both single-story buildings and houses with 2 or 3 floors. The infrastructure of the district is designed for comfortable living—there are schools and kindergartens, shops, a bus station, a railway station, and the Central District Hospital.

Buying a House in Berezivsky District through "Atlanta" Agency

On our website, it is convenient to search for suitable offers by photo, location, and other characteristics. House sales in the Berezivsky district of the Odessa region is an opportunity to offer your price in the catalog or use a mortgage calculator for calculation.

We provide discounts to our clients for the services of legal, repair, and other companies. We guarantee complete cleanliness and transparency of the transaction, as well as showings at any time to better study the property.