Real estate in Spain

"Atlanta" company has more than 20 years of experience in the real estate market of Ukraine and more than 10 years of experience in the Spanish market. We are ready to provide any complex service in the field of real estate in the territory of the Kingdom of Spain.

Why is it profitable with Atlanta?

Any consumer from any country can independently purchase real estate in Spain, using Spanish aggregators or contacting a local real estate agency. In this case, one way or another they will be able to provide you with a real estate service and you will pay a commission of up to 5%.

However, when providing services, the real estate agency will be unfamiliar to you. You may also encounter a number of inconveniences or lack of answers to questions that interest you. When working with "Atlanta" you will not pay more than 5% for commission services. At the same time, you will receive your personal qualified real estate agent in Spain from the company "Atlanta" with more than 20 years of experience. You will receive an experienced specialist on behalf of the "Atlanta" brand at no additional cost.

Our employees are constantly improving their level of qualification in the specifics of work in the real estate market in Spain. We have already helped dozens of families buy real estate in the Kingdom of Spain. This year, our specialists underwent advanced training, as military actions in Ukraine require additional study of the process of buying real estate in current conditions.

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How can you start?


Do you know a real estate agency in Spain that you want to work with? Excellent! Contact us! We will help you invest with your chosen real estate agency!


Do you know a specific property you want to buy, but you still have a number of questions about the acquisition process or the property itself? Contact us! We will advise and help you buy property!


Want to invest but haven't found a property? Contact us! We will show the entire available database of real estate in Catalonia and Spain, which was provided by our partners!


Do you want to invest, but also find an object yourself? Here are the biggest real estate portals in Spain:

After you have selected the object - we will help in the realization of its purchase!

Would you like to receive a selection of real estate in Spain?

Specify your requirements and wishes - and we will send a selection for you.