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Kyiv, being the capital, offers great opportunities. But this also complicates the choice: real estate in Kyiv is represented by such a great variety that it is difficult to decide even on the initial parameters. To take an apartment within the city limits, to come every day from the suburbs, or to turn your attention to new residential areas - all these are basic questions from a rather long list. Therefore, the first thing you will have to decide whether to take primary housing or secondary housing:

  • A building is being built and put into operation, financed by future residents from the moment the foundation is laid - this is the primary real estate market.
  • A second-hand house is a house that has been put into operation or that has a long history of residence.

What exactly to choose is up to you, because each option has its own advantages.

Ready housing allows you to move in and get settled right away, especially if the owner sells it with furniture and household appliances. In addition, in Khrushchev it is inexpensive to make repairs, and the payment of utility services is minimal compared to new buildings.

On the market of primary housing, which has already been put into operation, there is a well-thought-out security system, convenient elevators, a refined surrounding area, modern layouts and clean entrances. And repairs can be made "from scratch." When choosing real estate in Kyiv or the suburbs, you should decide whether you are ready to spend time every day on trips to school, kindergarten, work, university, etc. Infrastructure in this regard becomes critically important, until the distance to be covered to the nearest metro, tram, bus or minibus stop. Car owners should pay attention to the availability of parking nearby with the possibility of leaving it at any convenient time.

Personal selection criteria should include:

  • the size of the apartment, based on the needs of your family,
  • degree of illumination of rooms during the day,
  • view from the window (for some it is important),
  • floor and location of housing on it (corner, in the middle),
  • proximity to entertainment, health, medical and other centers,
  • environmental factor, including green area.

There is no universal principle for choosing a living space - all parameters are purely individual and must be determined at the stage of viewing ads. To begin with, determine for yourself the optimal areas of the city or suburbs, and then - emotionally appropriate residential areas. This way you will significantly narrow down your search.

Advice from real estate agency (Kyiv) Atlanta

Real estate agency Atlanta, being a professional with a huge experience, created a list of those aspects that should be paid attention to. The list is of a recommendatory nature, but everything listed is based on the experience of our agency and clients.

How to look for an apartment in a new residential complex?

  • Checking the documents, the object and the builder himself - this is what you should do first of all, as soon as you are interested in a building. And even better, ask a lawyer to do a proper background check.
  • A good reputation and stable work for at least 5-10 years is the minimum requirement for a developer. Therefore, look not only at current projects, but also at previous ones.
  • A more reliable purchase is in a house that has already been put into operation, as the house under construction can become a long-term building. True, there is also a reverse side of the coin: the earlier you buy a residential area (it is possible even at the stage of laying the foundation), the cheaper the purchase will cost you.
  • The most budget-friendly option is mini-apartments that are rented already with repairs and furniture. Ideal for students and young families. Although it has a small area, it is quite suitable as a first purchase.
  • If you are in a hurry to move in, then look for a house with a small number of floors: skyscrapers will take a long time to build. In addition, there is a tendency to decrease the number of floors, especially in the center of Kyiv and the suburbs. Therefore, there is plenty to choose from.
  • Before buying an apartment in a new building, assess the condition of the home and the funds that will have to be invested in repairs. Sometimes it is more expedient to purchase a ready-to-move-in apartment.

Kyiv cannot be denied active development. For example, sleeping areas such as Shevchenkivskyi and Holosiivskyi are actively being built up, breaking out into the leaders in terms of the pace of new houses. This point is important, but take into account the degree of infrastructure development and transport interchange so that you do not have to make many transfers to the final destination. Especially if you have to drive this route for most of the week.

Secondary market: features, pitfalls and advantages

  • 1-room apartments are traditionally in the greatest demand. Here, the accessibility of the subway and the degree of infrastructure development are critically important aspects.
  • The real estate agency Atlanta recommends not to bet on a specific area or coast with a limited budget. It is quite possible that there is a more pleasant price for an apartment with a different location, but an excellent transport interchange.
  • The secret rating assigns residence on the Right Bank to the prestigious. But prices are lower on the Left.
  • Some invest in "killed" apartments, and then repair them. Immediately calculate how much such a purchase will cost you: perhaps it makes sense to pay a couple of thousand, and purchase a living space with normal repair.
  • In connection with the constant increase in tariffs for communal services, it will not be superfluous to find out from the owners about the economy and energy efficiency of housing.
  • Study the documents: there are quite dubious offers on the market, when objects with arrests, encumbrances, etc. are sold under the guise of normal housing. In this case, a notary check will help you.
  • Take into account the age of the building: the older it is, the worse the engineering communications will be. Very old houses are characterized by non-repairable networks, which significantly worsens the quality of life.
  • How to choose an apartment in Kyiv? If you have gone through all the points, and everything suits you, then proceed only in accordance with your vision of convenience and comfort. And to shorten the time from the search to the actual purchase, contact Atlanta Real Estate Agency: we carry out full inspections of objects, offering only those that have passed legal control. Contact professionals who know the real estate market perfectly - in Atlanta!

Real Estate in Kyiv: Your Key to Successful Investments

Why Kyiv?

Why do so many people choose the capital of Ukraine? Among the factors influencing this choice, the following can be mentioned:

  • Safety: Kyiv ensures a high level of safety thanks to an active police force and street surveillance.
  • Quality of Life: The diversity and high standards of living in Kyiv make it attractive to residents of all ages and interests.
  • Economic Development: Kyiv is the heart of Ukraine's economy. Developing business structures and innovative initiatives make this city appealing to investors.
  • Educational Institutions: The presence of higher education institutions, world-class schools, and language courses in Kyiv makes the city attractive to students and their parents.
  • Touristic Potential: Kyiv is a tourist magnet. Its beautiful architecture, museums, parks, and cultural events attract thousands of tourists every year.

All of this makes Kyiv highly attractive for real estate investments.


Choosing real estate in Kyiv is an investment in the present and future. With the "Atlanta Real Estate Agency," you can make any real estate transaction much simpler and more enjoyable. Contact us today and discover a world of opportunities in Kyiv.